Addiction Counselor Information

An addictions counselor is a professional who gives assistance to people addicted to gambling, alcohol, drugs, and other addictive behaviors so they can overcome their habits. These experts help groups, families, and individuals overcome social and emotional effects of addiction. Addiction is not something that can be overcome all at once, so one requires continued support during and after addiction treatment to remain sober.

The addictions counselor is among the fast growing and all-time marketable professions. The annual opportunity growth is estimated to be 21.4%. The average salary of these professionals stands at $21.46 an hour. As the population increases and more people are abusing substances, the field expands. For you to start practicing in the profession, you need to acquire relevant qualifications.

A bachelor’s degree can work, but a Masters Certification is more marketable. It is essential to understand that you can be licensed to practice without university qualifications if you have ground experience. All you need is evidence showing you have accomplished a specific number of hours in a drug abuse treatment center after at least two years of sobriety.

Information About An Addictions Counselor

Counseling sessions are normally arranged in different sessions that include both group and individual meetings. The reason behind having individual sessions is because patients require unique treatment programs. The group meetings address general issues affecting the addicts. An addictions counselor is involved in interviewing clients, talking with medical personnel, and reviewing the records of the patient to determine their physical and mental condition.

The average wages for these professionals vary depending on many things, including the region and employer. Professionals practicing in major cities often have more attractive packages than experts in facilities located in remote towns. Big firms tend to have attractive remuneration packages for counselors. The level of education, treatment center ownership, and experience of the professionals are other factors that determine salary packages for these professionals.

Main Places Where an Addictions Counselor is Hired Include – Outpatient and residential care centers, hospitals, and government agencies dealing with substance addiction treatment, among other places. These experts can either be hired as full or part time counselors. Full time employees are entitled to benefits such as paid vacation, sick leave, and health insurance. There are some employers who provide sick leave to their employees.

The demand for an addictions counselor is expected to rise as states take different angles to substance addiction. Some have passed laws that require addicts caught with drugs to seek counseling assistance 800-303-2482 instead of being sent to jail. There are insurance companies that have been paying for their clients to see an addictions counselor, making the service more affordable.

Many patients prefer to get help from an addictions counselor instead of costly psychologist and psychiatrist services. Since the addictions counselor is supposed to work with the addicts, having high interpersonal skills is essential to get well along with patients.

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